FUHS Class of 69

Reunion Planning Committee

The FUHS Reunion planning committee got together on Saturday February 7th to begin planning for our 50th high school reunion. Even though it’s a couple of year away, the group began discussing ideas for interim gatherings and events. If you wish to participate in this group, make sure you are on the email list located on the right side of this blog. If you receive our emails and didn’t attend, we hope to see or hear from you next time. If you didn’t hear about this meeting, then we don’t have our current email. Hook it up if you want to play.

Here’s who made it:

Karen Treat, Rusty Harris, Rick Cech, David Matsuyama, Leslie Branam, Wanda Claro, Scott Mason, Bob Eastman, Janet Wright, Fran Button, Janet Wood, Scott Fredrickson, Jill Wilson, Karen Treat, Rusty Harris

Hope to see you all next time.


2Janine Amon (with Scott Fredrickson) Leslie Branam, Janet Wright

3Bob Eastman, Karen Treat, Scott Mason, Jill Wilson

4Rusty Harris, Karen Treat, Scott Fredrickson

5Janet Wood, Fran Button, Wanda Claro

6Rusty Harris, Bob Eastman, Karen Treat, Scott Fredrickson

7Fran Button, Bob Eastman, Karen Treat, Scott Mason, Jill Wilson

8Janine Amon, David Matsuyama, Leslie Branam, Janet Wright, Rusty Harris

9Janet Wood, Fran Button



13Janet Wood, Wanda Claro, Karen Treat, Scott Mason, Jill Wilson

14David Matsuyama, Scott Fredrickson, Bob Eastman

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